How Survival Straps Can Help You in an Emergency

Survival Straps are bracelets or other gear that are made from the same material that’s used for parachute cords. This type of cord is extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear. To say that it’s strong is a definite understatement. This cord is woven together tightly and is attractive enough that many people wear the … Read more

Homesteading Must Haves

Thinking of going off the grid and build a family property that allows you to be self-sufficient and safe in the event of a crisis or disaster? Then you need to make sure it meets several requirements in addition to food and water. A good piece of property is first and foremost on the checklist. … Read more

Continual Survival Training Keeps You Fully Prepared

When disaster hits, self-reliance is the one thing you can count on. If you know what to do in any given situation, it will remove fear and replace it with the skills you want to have. Knowing what to do in the event of a disaster isn’t something you can learn and then set aside. … Read more

Are You Ready for the Prepper Lifestyle?

Living a prepper lifestyle is not only good for preparing for the future, but it’s a great way to live a less stressful life. Many people get tired of the rat race and long for something more calming. A few give up their suburban lives and head to remote locations. That’s not what being a … Read more

A Guide to Storing Prepper Antibiotics

Unfortunately, illnesses don’t care about disasters. They’ll keep coming at you regardless of whether or not you’re in an emergency situation. Few people take into consideration that when disasters hit, there won’t be access to the same level of medical care or prescriptions. You’ll want to start now and learn how to store antibiotics for … Read more

Self-Defense: Why the First 30 Seconds Will Save Your Life

During times of crisis, it’s inevitable to see crimes increase. These could range from thefts to assaults to looting and much worse. History will show us that whenever there are riots or other dire situations, criminals will grab the chance to create chaos and grab whatever they can. It’s just common sense to assume that … Read more

Protect Your Shelter: How to Prevent Strong Winds From Damaging Your Home

Hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones can be terrifying. If you’re wondering what the difference is between the three, there really isn’t any different. They’re just called different names depending on where these storms originate. Those that form in the Northwest Pacific are called typhoons while those that form in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific are called … Read more

Important Water Purification Tips for Preppers

During a crisis, the importance of drinking water cannot be overestimated. While the average human being can go without food for 3 weeks or so, most people will not last more than a week without water. Depending on the climate, you may experience severe dehydration in just 3 days if you have no water. It’s … Read more

How to Safeguard Your Valuables in Times of Crisis

During a time of crisis, more often than not, law enforcement will be extremely busy and unable to uphold the law efficiently. There’s just too much happening and not enough officers to handle the chaos. When the cat is away, the mice will play. Crime will start to skyrocket with more looting, vandalism, thefts, assaults, … Read more

8 Food Storage Tips For Preppers

8 Food Storage Tips For Preppers

One of the first thoughts that cross most people’s minds during times of crisis is food. They wonder if they have enough food at home to last through the crisis and in most cases they don’t because prepping for emergencies is not the norm. So, they start rushing to the grocery store to grab whatever … Read more